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    Autoland has been importing vehicles from various countries including Japan, England and Germany for over 25 years now. Autoland has made its mark in Sri Lanka as a leading importer of reconditioned and brand new vehicles, especially due to the emphasis on two important factors; client relations and quality assured products.

    Providing a good product to all of Autoland’s customers along with a lifetime relationship has been the cornerstone for the company’s success. Reliability in this industry is of heavy importance to all individuals, thus Autoland stands by their product and alongside their customer.


    We intend to provide our clientele with the best vehicle retail service in the industry. Allowing us to be most customer centric company in the Sri Lankan vehicle industry; helping our clients fulfil their requirements and dreams.


    Autoland is the well-established vehicle importer, able to provide high quality, reasonably priced vehicles from our impressive stock range. We view ourselves as partners with our customers, our employees and our community. We aim to sustain our recognised brand name, by the provision of the most reliable products in the industry. Our goal is sustainability, annual profitability and reliability.

  • Mr. Yoga Perera chairman autoland sri lanka

    Autoland started as a sub venture for Mr. Yoga Perera in the early 1980s, with one car to his name. While being solely a business to many, the vehicle industry is also a passion of Mr. Perera’s, who has been in love with automobiles ever since his farther bought their first family car. This led to experimenting with whatever vehicle he got his hands on in his younger years, to becoming one of Sri Lanka’s finest racing drivers.

    Moulding his entrepreneurial ideology with his passion, is what led to Autoland being a significant part of the industry. However, Mr. Perera is a not only pursuing the success of the company, but also adamant on building a prolific vehicle industry for Sri Lanka.

  • Finance and Administration

    Chinthaka Godahewa Chief Financial Officer autoland sri lanka
    Mr. Chinthaka Godahewa
    Chief Financial Officer
    Sheila Vithanage Accounting autoland sri lanka
    Mrs. Sheila Vithanage
    Varuni Kodikara Administration autoland sri lanka
    Mrs. Varuni Kodikara

    Sales Team

    Mohan Peters Sales Manager autoland Colombo
    Mr. Mohan Peters
    Sales Manager
    Lyon Ferdinands Sales Executive autoland Colombo
    Mr. Lyon Ferdinands
    Sales Executive
    Udara Rajapakse Sales Executive autoland Colombo
    Mr. Udara Rajapakse
    Sales Executive

    Technical Team



    Sisira Kumara Technician Autoland
    Mr. Sisira Kumara
    Godakawela Gunathileke Stock Maintenance Personnel Autoland
    Mr. Godakawela Gunathileke
    Stock Maintenance Personnel
    Mylange Sugath Correspondence Autoland
    Mr. Mylange Sugath

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